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Early 19th century water bucket in original oyster paint.  Water buckets featured secured lids with a hole in which water was poured with a funnel.  It is staved with envelope lapped bands.  The wood handle is held on with wood pegs.  Excellent surface; losses commensurate with age and use.  Click on photo for more information and photos.


This pair of 18th century Tin Sconces have cleated candle cups and folded edges.  Their simple form and extra height will add authenticity to an early American  setting.  Click on photo for more information and photos.  SOLD

Georgian knitted pinball made by Mary Horsefall, Aprill 31, 1772.  Yes, that's the date!  Women of that era frequently included religous sayings in their works to show their piousness, thus on the reverse is "Prepare To Meet Thy God".  Knitted in soft, natural threads of browns and tans, with blue and green lettering.  The center is wrapped with a brown silk ribbon.  At 250 years old, it is in fine condition with minor toning and expected in-use wear to the silk ribbon.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Desirable 18th century adjustable lighting stand.  The adjustable arm has two candle sockets and is on a turned screw-post.  The painted square pedestal is chamfered and set on turned and canted tripod-feet.  It is in very find condition.  Dimensions: height 35.25”; arm length 12.5”.  Provenance: Lew Scranton.  Click on photo for more information and photos.


Early wood candle holders were found in humble homes. Affluent homes were more likely to have brass and/or silver candlesticks.  This 18th century example is nicely turned and in original Spanish brown paint. The candle cup is nearly 1" deep, which might explain why an early owner cut an aperature on the side; waste not want not practices would not allow a large candle stub go to waste.  Rare piece of early treen in fine as descended condition.  Click on photo for more information and photos.


This carved and painted Swan Decoy is very sculptural.  Expertly carved and beautifully weathered, it retains areas of the original white paint. The outstanding areas are weathered, reminiscent of driftwood.  Dates to the early 20th century and is in overall excellent condition.  Dimensions:  29.5" long; 30" tall.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Hollow-cut marriage silhouette with ink/pencil highlights depicts a couple under decorative swag curtains and tassels drawn with sepia ink.  The paint decorated frame is fabulous - windsor green base with red, yellow, and black painted swags and tassels around all edges.  The interior molding of the frame is painted with slashes in the same colors.  Frame is constructed with early t-head nails.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Child’s arm chair, 18th century, New England.  Likely ash, with early, possibly original black paint. Two spindle cross rails; single spindle arms. Front and rear stiles are turned.  Single stretchers across front, back, and sides.  Trapezoidal shaped rush seat is in excellent condition; possibly replaced a long time ago. Feet slightly worn as toddlers typically pushed their chairs across the floor when learning to walk.  In excellent condition.  Dimensions:  height 23.5”; width 13.5”; depth 10”.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

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