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Jane Davis watercolor portrait

Entitled "Woman with a Long Chain Beside a Red Flower", this iconic Jane A. Davis watercolor has been exhibited at the N. Y Museum of Folk Art (1970), Art Institute of Chicago (1974), St. Louis Art Museum (1975) Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection (1975), and Currier Garry of Art (1975.)  It is also published in Three New England Watercolor Painters, pg. 52 & 53. This attractive woman wears a black dress with ruched sleeves and gathered skirt.  Ruffles at the neckline are gouache; pencil lines can be seen under the paint.  Her eyes are blue and her face is highlighted in gouache. Davis frequently used a red flower and greenery in her children's portraits, and is rare in a portrait of an adult. In excellent condition. Click on photo for more information and photos.  SOLD

hooked rug with two chickens, 19th century, PA

Eye-catching hooked rug, last quarter 19th century.  Two roosters are in the center facing each other, surrounded by multicolored striations, a familiar
feature of Pennsylvania hooked rugs
(see "Rug Hooking Traditions with Magdalena Briner Eby" by Evelyn Lawrence and Kathy Wright). 
Hooked in mostly cottons, and bordered on the sides with early light blue and white printed cotton.  In excellent condition.  Professionally mounted. 
Ex. Olde Hope Antiques. Click on photos for more information and photos.

18th century painted Tape Loom

Rare 18th century tape loom in original red paint.  Elegant in its simplicity, the bottom has a hand carved chamfered rounded edge. The whale end was held between the weaver's knees for access and stability.  There are 21 holes that allowed the weaver a range of tape widths. Some original tape threads are attached. From a private MA collection.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Early PA wall hanging cupboard, original paint, single door over drawer.

Fun and folky late 19th century PA wall hanging cupboard.  Single door over a drawer. Stars and a crescent moon cutouts on the door are backed with mica so they look like they sparkle.  The drawer under the door appears to be made of an old cigar box; the wood knobs are original.  The top gallery is peaked; the bottom is sawtoothed.  All in the original windsor green paint.  Click on photo for more information and photos.  SALE PENDING

19th century painted one-drawer stand, scrubbed pine top, reeded edges, hepplewhite legs

Painted one-drawer stand ca. 1820.  The sides of the thick scrubbed pine top are reeded, as are the lower edges of the deep apron.  The drawer has hand-cut dovetails and the original knob.  Delicately shaped Hepplewhite legs add a level of refinement; the surface has been taken down to its original blue/green paint. 
Click on photo for more information and photos.

tin sconces, hooded, ca. 1800-1810, painted

These ca. 1800-1810 tin sconces are a rare form and in old brown paint, The lower edges of the hoods are scalloped and feature crimped medallions on top. The bowed bases contain a single candle cups.  Ex-David Good.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Northeast Indian colored ash splint baskets

Northeast Woodlands baskets, matching pair in excellent condition.  Double wrapped rims, and woven in green, salmon, and natural colored ash splints.  Baskets of this size and shape were typically used to carry edible plants and berries.  Rare to find a matching pair in immaculate condition.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

18th century child's chair

Child’s arm chair, 18th century, New England.  Likely ash, with early, possibly original black paint. Two spindle cross rails; single spindle arms. Front and rear stiles are turned.  Single stretchers across front, back, and sides.  Trapezoidal shaped rush seat is in excellent condition; possibly replaced a long time ago. Feet slightly worn as toddlers typically pushed their chairs across the floor when learning to walk.  In excellent condition.  Dimensions:  height 23.5”; width 13.5”; depth 10”.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

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