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Early 19th century demi-lune top candlestand

Rare and unique 18th century New Hampshire
demi-lune top candlestand.  Click on photo for details.

19th century folk art watercolor in the naive style dated 1823

A charming naive watercolor from an old New England collection. Click on photo for details.

early PA seed bags

A unique set of 19th century PA seed bags.  
Click on photo for more details.

Jane Davis watercolor portrait

Watercolor portrait by Jane A. Davis; published in Three New England Watercolor Painters, pg. 52 & 53.  SOLD

hooked rug with two chickens, 19th century, PA

Vibrant and eye-catching hooked rug, last quarter 19th century.  Click on photos for details.

watercolor profile portrait Joseph Davis

Rare profile watercolor portrait by Joseph H. Davis. Click on photo for more details.

18th century cherry slide lid candle box

Rare 18th century cherry and pine slide lid candle box, dated 1763 and initialed PVB (Peter Van Buskirk).  
Click on photo for details.

17th century delft plate make-do repair

Late 17th/early 18th century delft plate is a wonderful example of a period make-do repair.   
Click on photo for details. 

a folky 19th century applique textile

A very folky 19th century appliqued and embroidered textile from PA with great provenance.  Click on photo for details.

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