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19th century miniature tin sconce
silhouette of a woman in a yellow watercolor dress
early embroidered table mat
18th century chestnut serving plate
Doris Stauble arrangement in a blue grain measure
open top blue box with compass carvings
folky portrait on wood panel of a gentleman
early velvet theorem painted strawberry
19th century transferware mug with early make-do tin repair
early beehive turned bowl in original natural surface
19th century paint decorated dome top box in original surface
 hooked with farm animals by Magdalena Briner, Perry County PA
woman's house dress in wonderful early cotton fabrics
early 19th century turned bowl in original blue paint
folky orange tabby cat oil on canvas
cloth doll in original dress and hat, penciled face
early PA rattle balls in excellent condition
early PA mutli-colored string ball in excellent
 early watercolor by the Heart and Hand artist
rare watercolor by Mary Knight (Maine) ca. 1810
wallpaper covered box with its original cotton drawstring bag
pieced and applique textile of a dog
rare small sized lighting trammel with candle cup
19th century master salt in original blue painted surface
early linsey woolsey in blue with mustard reverse
late 18th/early 19th century tape loom
small early basket full of nice early strawberry emeries
18th century family register in ink
miniature turned bowl in original red painted surface
early hand-dipped candles
weathervane directional, wood arrow and shaft with tin ends
early mortar and pestle in blue painted surface
early woven fabric in brown, New England
sampler, family register, on green linsey
early carved out treen soap dish
Hooked rug, round, of a nautical compass
oil on canvas by William Jenny
early black cloth doll with embroidered face and astrakan hair
early pine tape loom
18th century linsey woolsey in indigo with mustard back
early basket with a wooden handle in original green painted surface
19th century pine compote in natural surface
unusual fragment mirror, triangular shape
turned bowl with an assortment of early velvet fruit
carved wooden doll with applied glass eyes
Turned treen master salt in original red painted surface
19th century portraits oil on board
Portrait on wood panel of a woman in elaborate dress
Meat Market trade sign, wood, two sided, in black painted frame
Wm Prior oil on academy board of a young woman in a scenic background
19th century wood basket in delicate painted floral design, Maine
pair of 19th century black cloth dolls with embroidered faces and original clothes
early make-do candle holder with wood base and tin candlestick
early vinegar paint decorated pantry box
PA open top Bucher box
19th century paper heart love token
19th century paint decorated tin sconce
miniature/child's blanket box, scallped apron, good original taupe painted surface
early sewn wool wallet
early embroidered pin cushion
19th century hanging candle box in green painted surface
Portrait of a child in a red dress, attr. E. W. Blake of the Prior School
19th century fragment mirror in carved pint frame
19th century child's fall front desk
New England patchwork sewing balls
19th century pair of portraits by Robert Seevers
mortar and pestle in red painted surface
Portrait of a woman by Wm. Prior, oil on academy board
a collection of small/child's cloth covered books
18th century embroidered sewing roll-up
Fraktur, early 19th century, by Henrish Englehardt
19th century tin candle sconce, crimped top, cleated candle cup, red paint
Jane A. Davis watercolor portrait
bowl of early miniature slates, one paint decorated
19th century wooden hanging candle holder
Painted spice chest in original paint
early turned bowl, nicely out of round, in original red painted surface
early fragment mirror in original red painted surface
early queen's stictch with silver needle holder
portrait on oil by William Jenny
1837 beaded pin cushion
early hogscraper candlestick in red painted surface
Jane Anthony Davis watercolor portrait
18th century floor standing tape loom
4-drawer spice box in original grey paint
PA fabric bird
early 19th century trade sign from the Antimill Association
Large velvet theorem painted strawberry
Jane A. Davis watercolor of a girl in a yellow dress
buttocks basket with wood handle in original painted surface
early PA string ball in great colors
early PA string ball in great colors
miniature portrait by Abraham Demerest, NJ
miniature portrait by Abraham Demerest, NJ
PA fabric bird
PA fabric bird
PA fabric bird
early 19th century Queen Anne mirror in black painted frame.
beehive turned bowl in original painted surface
early miniature fragment mirror in original gren painted frame
early New England cloth doll, large size, boy, wearing original fancy clothes
early PA fabric bird
early velvet strawberry, theroem painted and seeded
18th century linsey woolsey in brown and bittersweet
miniature/chlld's pot holder mounted in an early paint decorated frame
early treen platter
Dressed profile by Betsy Way
Folky beaded cat in wonderful deeply stepped frame
miniature theorem on velvet of a basket of flowers in paint decorated frame
18th century embroidered sewing roll-up
18th century knitted pin ball with silver band
miniature dome-top wallpaper box in blue with original hasp closure
hooked rug of a large dog with stars and striated backgroud by Magdalena Briner
18th century New England spoon rack with decorative carvings and candle box
19th century table mat made of appliqued and embroidered pannies
Early lidded staved and envelope lapped tub in original painted surface
small PA wallpaper box in blue and bittersweet
19th century PA pin cushion in good early fabrics
New England cloth doll in original taffata dress and green leather shoes
miniature turned bowl in original red with make-do repairs
Jane A. Davis watercolor of a young girl in a red ruffled dress
early treen platter in chestnut
Large treen beehive turned bowl in original oyster painted surface
Unusual top hat covered in early fabrics
Pair of watercolor portraits by Amos Holbrook
early watercolor of a woman in a windsor chair holding a book, with a cat and candlestand
early 19th century watercolor of a man in striped pants shooting a bluebird in a tree
18th century Queen Anne pine mirror with japanned decoration on crest
Rare ca. 1840 appliqued table rug in exuberant design and colors
New England cloth doll with embroidered face, original cloths
PA string ball, large size, great colors
early black bottle doll in original wool dress and astrakan hair, embroidered face
Petite 19th century mirror with reverse painted on glass on top and red painted frame
Rare 18th centuru flame stitch sewing roll-up
velvet fruit assortment, 19th century
19th century hollow-cut silhouette with blue ink highlights
Early PA fabric bird in green and mustard
Early splint gathering basket with wood handles in original grey paint
19th century PA homespun in blue and bittersweet plaid
Hollow-cut silhouette of a child in wonderful early green painted frame
early cloth doll from Maine with embroidered face
Stoneware small jug with hearts design
19th century PA homespun in blue and bittersweet plaid
Pr. earl tin sconces with crimped tops
Black cloth doll of a man wearing original clothing and wool hat
William Kenney portrait of a women with treen in the background
Tombstone top cutting board with early velvet carrot
pair of early pine treen plates
 18th century linsey woolsey in salmon with mustard back
Rare pair of hooded sconces with large candle wells in original paint
crib quilt in postage stamp pattern with chintz border
New England 19th century three tier wall box in original red paint
Rare wood heart shaped cheese press
19th century woman's house dress in early cottons
Two sided gameboard with eliaborate paint decoration.
19th century wall hanging cupboard with noon and stars cut-outs on door in original green paint
early 19th century hooked rug
18th century books Frugal Housewife
Good early cloth doll of a man wearing a 3 piece wool suite
good Native American lidded basket with chintz lining
Georgian pin ball dated 1772
early whale end tape loom in original red painted surface
early iron trivet with stepped hearts handle
PA one-drawer stand with reeded edges in original painted surface
PA cusion-top pin cushion with applique paper cut-outs
PA miniature darning sampler
Watercolor by Hannah Badger and her sister, Maine, ca 1810-1811
19th century candle box with scalloped front and back in original blue/grey paint
Mid-18th century felt and needlework picture, PA origin
Heart and Hand artist rare memorial watercolor
Jane Anthony Davis watercolor
theorem on velvet of a basket of fruit that includes a watermelon with seeds
Good hooked rug with stars against a striated background
19th century box tape loom
early black bottle doll with astracan hair, embroidered face, pinched nose
19th century wall hanging box
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