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18th century New England courting mirror

Courting mirrors were typically given by suitors to their intended.  This mid-18th century courting mirror is a fine example of New England rural craftsmanship.   The original glass is in an early molded frame, mounted on a solid hand- carved and planed board.  The crest is a skillfully carved shell design with a peak on each side. The back is heavily chamfered.  Old rich and mellow surface.  This piece is a notable representation of 18th century tradition and artistry.  Click on photo for more information and photos.  

18th century cake-top tin lantern with glass inserts

18th century tin cake-top with a cake-top chimney. What makes this early lantern special is that the glass inserts appear to be the bases of wine glass stems.  A large glass piece is on the door, which has the original hasp and wire opener.  On the each of the sides are two glass pieces.  The back has a glass panel (it has a crack) and another glass piece. Single candle cup is cleated into the base. Double cake-top chimney and carrying ring.  Original surface.  Rare piece of lighting. Click on photo for more information and photos.

textile of needlework and crochet bird

A charming  late 19th/early 20th century textile   featuring a red-breasted bird, likely a robin, sitting on a tree branch with green foliage and red and pink flowers.  The border has crocheted bands of coral, pink, khaki, brown, red, cream, and blue. There is a blue wool hanging loop.  It is backed in brown cotton in a very unusual pattern.  Created by an expert needleworker and in excellent condition.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

watercolor portrait by Joseph H. Davis

Profile watercolor portraits by Joseph H. Davis are exceedingly rare.  There is one illustrated and discussed in Three New England Watercolor Painters.  There are three others that I am aware of, including this one.  Davis worked as a portrait painter for a relatively short period of time - 1832-1837 - primarily in Maine and New Hampshire.  In portraying the sitters, Davis was consistent in several characteristics. The sitters are always in profile and their facial features are simply drawn.  The women wear single drop earrings, ruffled collars, and tortoise shell combs in their hair.  Click on photos for more information and photos.

PA rattle string ball

Early PA rattle string ball.  Rare large size in nice "fall" colors: cranberry, forest green, tan, and brown; burgandy wool hanger.  In very good condition with one very minor loss.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

18th century linen sewing pocket with embroidered flowers and floral motifs

18th century embroidered sewing pocket is made of linen. It is embroidered with flowers of dark and light blues, and bittersweet, as well as other floral motifs.  The ties are made of braided linen and hand sewn onto the back of the pocket.  There is age related darkening to the linen, and thread losses to the embroidery caused by the materials that were used to dye the threads.  A charming piece!  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Oil on canvas ca. 1820-1830 of a young boy in a blue suit.

Oil on canvas portrait of a handsome young boy, ca. 1820-1830.  Striking a contrast against the dark background, he is wearing a bright blue skeleton suit of the period (1789-1830), which is a short, tight jacket and trousers buttoned to the jacket at the waist.  Indicating that he is likely from an affluent family, he  holds a book, that signifies intelligence and education. Unframed and relined, this portrait is in very fine condition.  Click on photo for more information and photos. SOLD

Pipe box in  original paint, Deerfield MA ca. 1780

A special piece . . .painted pipe box from Deerfield MA, c1780.  Uniquely formed, the front and side panels are arched, mimicking the arch of the lollipop handle.  The crystalized dark green painted surface is original. The drawer is constructed with tiny t-head nails and retains its original brass knob.  Dimensions:  height 15.25", width 4.5" depth 3 1/4".  Provenance:  Fine private collection; Austin Miller Antiques.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

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