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early 19th century queen's stitch needle case

Early needle case dated 1801 embroidered in Queen's stitch.  Excellent condition.

19th century tin tinderbox in blue paint

Early 19th century in tinderbox in blue paint!

19th century appliqued and embroidered potholders

A rare closely related pair of appliqued and embroidered potholders ca. 1840.

18th century New England courting mirror

Mid-18th century courting mirror is a fine example of New England rural craftsmanship.  

18th century cake-top tin lantern with glass inserts

18th century cake-top lantern, cleated candle cup, original surface and condition.

textile of needlework and crochet bird

A charming  late 19th/early 20th century textile  featuring a robin, sitting on a tree branch.  Excellent condition and workmanship.

Rare early textile 18th century lady's pocket watch holder

Rare 18th century lady’s knitted pocket watch holder. 

miniature portraits; watercolor, graphite, gouache

Miniature portraits ca. 1835-1840; watercolor, graphite, and gouache. 

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