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Oil on canvas ca. 1820-1830 of a young boy in a blue suit.

Oil on canvas portrait of a handsome young boy, ca. 1820-1830.  Striking a contrast against the dark background, he is wearing a bright blue skeleton suit of the period (1789-1830), which is a short, tight jacket and trousers buttoned to the jacket at the waist.  Indicating that he is likely from an affluent family, he  holds a book, that signifies intelligence and education. Unframed and relined, this portrait is in very fine condition.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Black bottle doll in original fancy clothing with photograph of maker

A Black bottle doll with attitude!  She's dressed to the nines in the finery of the late 1800s.  The skirt fabric is a knit embellished with hand-strung beads.  The silk jacket is hand sewn.  More beading and an ample lace collar top the jacket.  She is holding a reticule purse with the beading and a tassel.  Embroidered face, including teeth.  To top it  off is a wonderful hat with beading and a brightly colored tassel on top.  Along with this doll is an early photograph of the woman, presumably the maker of this doll, in the same outfit, documenting that she made this doll in her own image.  This is a rare and wonderful piece of Black American culture.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Pipe box in  original paint, Deerfield MA ca. 1780

A special painted pipe box from Deerfield MA, c1780.  Uniquely formed, the front and side panels are arched, mimicking the arch of the lollipop handle.  The crystalized dark green painted surface is original. The drawer is constructed with tiny t-head nails and retains its original brass knob.  Dimensions:  height 15.25", width 4.5" depth 3 1/4".  Provenance:  Fine private collection; Austin Miller Antiques.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

Georgian knitted pinball dated 1772,  with name of maker

Georgian knitted pinball made by Mary Horsefall, Aprill 31, 1772.  Yes, that's the date!  Women of that era frequently included religous sayings in their works to show their piousness, thus on the reverse is "Prepare To Meet Thy God".  Knitted in soft, natural threads of browns and tans, with blue and green lettering.  The center is wrapped with a brown silk ribbon.  At 250 years old, it is in fine condition with minor toning and expected in-use wear to the silk ribbon.  Click on photo for more information and photos.SOLD

Silhouette commemorating a couple's marriage in excellent paint decorated frame

Hollow-cut marriage silhouette with ink/pencil highlights depicts a couple under decorative swag curtains and tassels drawn with sepia ink.  The paint decorated frame is fabulous - windsor green base with red, yellow, and black painted swags and tassels around all edges.  The interior molding of the frame is painted with slashes in the same colors.  Frame is constructed with early t-head nails.  Click on photo for more information and photos.

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