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Rare watercolor portrait by Hannah Badger, circa 1811, depicts Hannah and her sister Julia in a meadow waving to the viewer.  Hannah's dress has decorative touches at the hems of the sleeves and dress.  Under her blue shawl is a winding floral vine that wraps from her hair to the hem of her blue shawl.  In contrast, her sister wears a simple dress without any adornments (sibling rivalry?).  

Hannah Pearson Cogswell Badger was born in 1791 in New Hampshire to William Cogswell and Judith Cogswell.  Hannah and her sister Julia were instructresses at the Atkinson Academy in Atkinson, NH.  The Academy was founded in 1787 as a school for boys and began admitting females in 1791.  When she was 22 years old, Hannah married William Badger, the Governor of New Hampshire on January 12, 1814.  Hannah died in 1869, at age 77, in New Hampshire.

This piece is a treasure and tribute to early female folk artists.  Dimensions: sight 9.5" x 7.5"; frame 11" x 9".

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