Love of beauty is taste.  
                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Randi Ona
Early American Antiques
Randi Ona 
Early American Antiques


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Hollow-cut ilhouette c1835 with watercolor and graphite highlights.  The frame is period, carved wood, with punched flower border. Dimensions:  frame 3.5 x 4.5", sight 2.25" x 3".
Embroidered sewing pockets, 18th century.  Rare double pockets, muslin embroidered in blues.  There is some deterioration to the fabric due to the types of chemicals that were used to make the indigo dye. Despite that, these pockets are a rare find.  Dimensions:  both pockets are 16" x 18". SOLD
Miniature PA blanket box, c1840. Original grain painting, box is dovetailed, the turned feet are pegged into box, molding is affixed to the bottom edge of the box, lock and key. All in excellent condition. Dimensions: width of box 11.75”/width at molding 12.5”, depth 7.5”, height 10.25”.
Super painted treen bowl.  Bittersweet paint, 1.5" rim, interior bleached from use, rim is "potato chippy" due to  shrinkage.  Dimensions:  height 5.25", diameter varies from 16.25 - 17.25".
Painted 19th century weathervane directional with tin tail.  Wonderful dry painted surface. Tin inserted into the tail and secured with very tiny square head nails.  Simple, eye-catching.  Dimensions:  overall length  25"; length of shaft 13". 

18th century carved looking glass.  Deeply carved petals set within a sawtooth border.  Handle is integral with well-used hanging hole.  Dimensions: height 4.5" x 9.75", height including handle 12"; mirror 3.25" x 7.25". Sale pending