Love of beauty is taste.  
                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Randi Ona
Early American Antiques

Randi Ona 
Early American Antiques


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Early 19th century salt. Wonderful form, footed, with a deep bowl. Original cobalt blue paint. Dimensions: height 2.5”, diameter 4”.
Treen plate, maple, New England, 18th century. Gracefully raised and with a distinctive rim, this place is in has a wonderful, warm patina and is in excellent condition. Dimensions: Diameter 8.75”, rim ¾”.  SOLD


Miniature Taconic basket. Double wrap rim, bentwood handles, kicked up bottom. Wonderful nutty brown color. Dimensions: height 3”, diameter 5.5”.
19th century transferware mug with wonderful, early tin make-do handle. Dimensions: height 5”, diameter 4.5”.

Palette paddle, also known as a grain paddle. 18th century board used to move grain in a grain bin. Excellent form and surface. Dimensions: 13” x 7.75”.
A charming watercolor portrait of a lovely blue-eyed lady. The oval background is a deep, warm yellow enhanced with cross-hatches and a dotted border, surrounded by a piece of early blue and white wallpaper. Dimensions: frame 5” x6.25”, sight 3.5” x 4.75”.