Love of beauty is taste.  
                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Randi Ona
Early American Antiques

Randi Ona 
Early American Antiques


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Beautifully formed large bowl in early oyster paint filled with 20+ real rag bowl in predominantly blue and brown fabrics.


PA fabric bird, 19th century. Body is in red wool with black belly; tail and wings are made of cardboard covered in black. All hand sewn. Dimensions: length: 5.5".

Miniature PA fabric bird, 19th century. Body is in red cotton with a beige cotton belly. Wings and tail are made of paper. Thread comb and eyes. Quite rare in this size. Dimensions: length: 2.75". SOLD
Wall hanging soap dish, pine, late 18th/early 19th century. Deeply carved box, short interior ends care chip carved. Lollipop handle is dovetailed to the back of the box. Remnants of original red paint. Wonderful patina. Two soaps included. Dimensions: Box length: 12", width: 3.25", height: 3"; height to top of handle: 10.5". SOLD

Watercolor on paper, Joseph H. Davis, 1832-1837.  Dimensions:  sight 4.75" x 6", frame 6.25" x 7 3/4".

Amish Elephant, early 20th century. Make of soft grey wool, button eyes, embroidered eyebrows. Tusks are felt, tale is twisted thread. It has a wonderful blue velvet blanket across it's back. Early darned repair on the rear. A charming piece. Custom stand included. Dimensions: length: 14", height: 11.5".
Graphic penny table mat. Off-white background, red pennies with black/dark blue centers. Black fringe. All hand sewn and in very good condition. Dimensions (not including fringe): 22" x 30".